Information for a New Website

Make sure to fill this form in completely and accurately. We will copy & paste the information you give us here into your new website, typos and all. Of course, if we catch an obvious typo, we will fix it, but we will try not to “interprete” your content. F. ex. you might want to use a phrase like “I don’t know nuttin’ about that” to be funny or quirky. Our interpreting that phrase as “I know nothing about that” would destroy your intent.

All fields are required. If you want a particular are of the website left empty, say “(leave empty)“. If you want the area removed, say “(remove)“. The gist is to not leave a field on the form empty, but to enter the content or leave us your intentions for the field enclosed in parenthesis. Please note that it may not be possible to totally remove an area without affecting other areas, so we will use our judgement as to whether we can eliminate particular areas or not.

The key to the “plug & play” approach is simplicity and only if we can deploy the website using quick and easy substitution of content, can we offer these super low prices.

Please make sure you save the Charge ID you will receive after purchasing your site.
Modication to an Existing Website
Fill out the fields you want modified and place “(no change)” into fields you want to leave unchanged. If you want to keep the content as is, but change the color, indicate that by enclosing your instructions in a parenthesis. F. ex. if you want “This is the current content of the area” to be red, simply say “(leave content as is, but make it red)” and we’ll know that these are instructions and not a content change.

If you want to change wording, copy the whole content from the area you want changed, change your wording, and paste it into the field representing that area. F. ex. if current content is “My Address is 123 Main St.“, and you want to remove the capitalization of “Address” and spell out “Street”, don’t leave parenthesized instructions, but rather enter “My address is 123 Main Street” in the proper field.

Change from Option 1 or Option 2 Website

You can upgrade from Option 1 or Option 2 website to Option 3 website at any time. We will charge you the difference of $70 or $140, respectively, and your next renewal will be billed at the new rate of $289. You need to supply your Charge ID from purchasing the Option 1 or Option 2 website below and click on the check-mark to confirm that you agree in the field that shows up as soon as you select the option to upgrade. If you don’t have the Charge ID, please enter “(I don’t have the code)” and we will try to look it up by using your email address that you will be entering below. Please note that the email address must match the one you used when you purchased the Option 1 website. If it has changed, make sure to enter both the old and the new address into the email field by adding “(old)” and “(new)” after each email address.

I am filling in this form in order to

We will charge you $140 & bill your next renewal at $289 - Please confirm

We will charge you $70 & bill your next renewal at $499 - Please confirm

Add Services or Products (choose one)

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    Header Images: Choose one, two, or three header images. Make sure they are of high quality, landscape orientation (i.e. width bigger than height, ideally somewhere between 1.4 and 1.6 ratio width vs. height). This is what grabs your visitors attention, so be choosy.

    Header Texts: If you want text on top of your Header Images, enter it here. If you choose to use less than three Header Images, use (n/a) in the fields you are not using. Make these short and succinct and, ideally, tied to the corresponding Header Image.

    About: Enter your content for the About section here. Precede each column with “Column #” to identify the beginning of each column, such as:
    Column 1: Text for column 1
    Column 2: Text for column 2
    Column 3: Text for column 3
    Of course, the “Column #” identifiers will not be part of the content on the site.

    Product or Services: Depending on whether you sell products or services, or even if you wish to skip this section, choose the selections to use. You can use up to four columns. Precede each one with “Column #” like described above, followed by the header for the column and one or two paragraphs describing the service or product.

    Contact: This section consists of three columns of 25%, 50%, and 25% width, respectively. We will place a simple contact form in the center column (Name, Email, and Message), and typically a postal address and phone number in the left column and customer service information such as email address, and/or phone number (with extension?) in the right column. If you want different information than that, just tell us and give us the heading you want to use for each column.

    Footer: We will place a copyright message, design & hosting information on the left side and if you have a Facebook page, this is the field you enter that into. To get your Facebook address, just go to your Facebook page, click on the address bar to highlight it, and right click your mouse and select “copy” to copy it. Then right click in this field and select “paste” to paste it into this field. Of course, you can also type it in if you want to.

    Feel free to contact us if you have questions or you want help filling in the information.