We have already created three beautiful, professional and functional websites to use as part of our special and when you chose one of those, we will customize the content of the site per your specifications.

You will provide the textual content about your business, services, location and such. You will also provide the images you wish to use. The amount of content you provide depends on which site “template” you choose.

If at any time you decide you want more customization, you can do that. For example, you wish to add a some items for sale on your site. This would require us to add an e-commerce feature to your site. The work of setting up and configuring the online store would be chargeable work and we would provide you with an estimate of the cost. Another example of an website enhancement would be a photo gallery. Again, we would provide a cost estimate before we did any work, so you will always know up front what the cost would be.